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Sestri Levante

For its geography Sestri Levante is defined as the "city of two seas", with the historical center overlooking the two bays "Fairy Tale" and "Silence" that extend respectively to the west and east. The beauty of its landscape is due to the beautiful vegetation, the blue of the sea and golden of sandy beaches.

The name "Bay of Fables" was given by the great author of children's books Hans Christian Andersen, who visited these places resting fascinated and in his honor Sestri Levante is home from more than thirty years of a Literary Award dedicated to childhood that allow it to claim the title of "Town of Childs"

The local cuisine is strongly characterized by the fish, especially anchovy. In Riva Trigoso , a village east of the city, in July, there is the "Bagnun" a festival that celebrate a plate of anchovies , onions, garlic, parsley, tomatoes and white wine, in honor to the best tradition of local fishermen.

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