Sestri Levante

Due to its geographic conformation it is locally defined as the "city of the two seas", being the historic center of Sestrese overlooking the two bays "delle Favole" and "del Silenzio" which extend respectively to the west and east. The beauty of the landscape is due to the green of the luxuriant vegetation, the blue of the sea, and the golden of the sandy beaches.

The name "Baia delle Favole" was given by the great author of children's books Hans Christian Andersen, who visited these places and remained fascinated and in his honor Sestri Levante has hosted a Literary Prize dedicated to children since 1967 that allow it to award the title of "City of boys".

The local cuisine is strongly characterized by fish and in particular anchovy: in fact, in Riva Trigoso, a fraction to the east of the city, the Bagnun festival has been held in July for more than forty years, a dish of anchovies, onions, garlic, parsley, tomato and white wine, respecting the best tradition of local fishermen.

Camping Miraflores - Sestri Levante

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