Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure is a prestigious location frequented by tourists from all over the world who find beaches, cafes, restaurants, art galleries and exclusive shops and elegant hotels a good way to spend their holidays.

The tourism of Santa Margherita Ligure offers suitable solutions to all types of travelers, both for those looking for trendy clubs and parties but also for those who want to find genuine products and unspoiled nature.

The ancient seafaring tradition is still present inside the port where the fishing boats find space next to many of the most beautiful pleasure boats, demonstrating the importance of life that takes place on the sea.

This last place is in fact very characteristic because of the classic fish market present and because of the crowd that gathers at the return of the fishing boats to buy and prepare some local delicacies.

Around the tourist port, on the other hand, social occasions, parties, folklore and lots of sports such as sailing, rowing and scuba diving develop that animate the town throughout the year.

To spend relaxing moments by the sea you can go to the Ghiaia area, the Lungomare area after the port or to the enchanting Paraggi, a hamlet located between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, which will offer you a triumph of Mediterranean colors and scents. inside a splendid cove hidden between greenery and a golden sandy beach.

Camping Miraflores - Santa Margherita
Camping Miraflores - Santa Margherita
Camping Miraflores - Santa Margherita

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