Genoa, defined the 'superb', is the capital of the Liguria region and of the province of the same name and in 2006 became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites with part of its historic center.

Walking through the streets, squares and alleys of Genoa is a surprise and a continuous discovery that can give the sensation of getting lost along the narrow and characteristic "Caruggi" or "Alleyways" that creep between tall buildings. These places show the richness and beauty of the city in every corner and that will make you meet splendid palaces (the Rolli), sumptuous churches, façades decorated with stuccoes and frescoes, precious art collections that recall the golden age of the cultural development of the city called the "century of the Genoese".

In ancient times, thanks to its favorable geographical position, it was known as the 'Dominant of the seas' and together with Venice, Pisa and Amalfi, it was one of the Maritime Republics. This logistical advantage is still important today and makes it the most important port center in Italy and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Genoa has given birth to many prominent historical personalities such as Cristoforo Colombo, Goffredo Mameli, Giuseppe Mazzini to which are added Nicolò Paganini, the Nobel Prize for literature Eugenio Montale, the Nobel Prize for physics Riccardo Giacconi and many others still.

To visit in addition to the historic center and the alleys mentioned are certainly also the famous aquarium located in the Porto Antico, and the ancient lighthouse, 'La Lanterna', the oldest lighthouse in the world.

Last but not least, the culinary tradition full of typical dishes such as Pesto, focaccia and other traditional fish and vegetable dishes that distinguishes Genoa and that will make you appreciate your visit even more.

Camping Miraflores - Genova
Camping Miraflores - Genova

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