Le Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are a splendid stretch of jagged coast of the eastern Ligurian Riviera located in the province of La Spezia and positioned between Punta Mesco and Punta di Montenero and are characterized by stone spurs overlooking the sea, tiny inlets, bays, ravines, beaches between the rocks that create a unique landscape in the world.

This corner of Liguria is not only just nature, sun and beaches but also contains much of its charm in the five seaside villages that form it and which will provide you with pleasant surprises in their typical architecture that highlights the history of these places.

First of all, the Marian sanctuaries, connected to each other by paths and also reachable by car, the remains of castles and walled fortifications erected to counter the Saracen threat and the churches in the typical Ligurian-Gothic style that distinguishes them contribute to making a place unique. 1997 became a World Heritage Site protected by Unesco.

Camping Miraflores - Cinque Terre
Camping Miraflores - Cinque Terre

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