Camper Area

The campsite provides areas for their stay dedicated to those who travel and move for their holidays with their camper.

Each of these spot is equipped with a electricity connection with a maximum of 6 amps and an ideal veranda space to enjoy the coolness and shaded areas that our green vegetation is able to offer outdoors.

Within 50 meters you can easily reach the reception, the swimming pool, the bar, the minimarket and the toilets with the aim of making our campsite a perfect solution for your leisure stop and for your rest stop during your holiday.

Camping Miraflores - Camper Area
Camping Miraflores - Camper Area
Camping Miraflores - Camper Area
Camping Miraflores - Camper Area
Camping Miraflores - Camper Area
Camping Miraflores - Camper Area


The following tables list the indications of the rates applied for the various items of the campsite. Next to each section you can consult the calendar to check the type of rate for the period you want.
The following rates do not include the tourist tax that will be applied upon your arrival according to the current municipal law, which you can find in detail on the "website of the Municipality of Rapallo"

Low season

10-03-2023 - 06-04-2023

11-04-2023 - 20-04-2023

02-05-2023 - 31-05-2023

01-10-2023 - 04-11-2023

10-12-2023 - 22-12-2023

Middle season

21-04-2023 - 01-05-2023

04-06-2023 - 22-06-2023

11-09-2023 - 30-09-2023

High Season

07-04-2023 - 10-04-2023

01-06-2023 - 03-06-2023

23-06-2023 - 10-09-2023

07-12-2023 - 09-12-2023

23-12-2023 - 06-01-2024

Pitch up to two guests
29,50 €
36,00 €
39,00 €
Extra person
7,00 €
8,50 €
8,50 €
Child between 2-9 years old
3,50 €
4,00 €
4,00 €
Extra Car
5,00 €
5,00 €
5,00 €
The following rates are per night with the departures between 08:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. The services included are: hot showers, electricity connection up to 6 amps, Wi-fi connection in the common areas, free swimming pool access (only in summer period), pets, childrens up to 2 years old and camper service.

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